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About the Boise Ridge Riders

The Boise Ridge Riders (BRR) are a not-for-profit, incorporated club dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport of off-road motorcycle riding. The BRR's primary focus is to host our annual Idaho City 100 Reliability Enduro. The BRR is a chartered club with the Americal Motorcycle Association (AMA).

The BRR was founded by Dick Rockrohr, Chuck Coble and others. It was organized out of Cycle Nuts and Bolts in Boise in late 1983. The club was originally formed with around 15 initial members and has now grown to several hundred members. The club's first even was in the spring of 1984 at Bogus Basin. In the fall of 1984, the BRR hosted the first Idaho City 100.  From 1988 until 2016 the Idaho City 100 was a National ISDE Qualifier.

The BRR also hosts our annual "Hair of the Dog". The Hair of the Dog is a hare scrambles type event that is held each year on New Year's Day. The Hair of the Dog is now also over 30 years old. In the past, the BRR has hosted a number of Hare Scrambles, club rides, desert races and "just for fun" rides. The BRR also aid in a number of volunteer projects for the US Forest Service, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies. Currently, the BRR is working with both the US Forest Service and the Idaho Department of Lands on obtaining grants to conduct feasibility studies to implement motorized trails in Idaho.

The BRR has also joined with other organizations such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Southern Idaho Desert Racing Organization (SIDRA), Stay on Trails, Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association (TVTMA) and others to preserve our right to ride on public land.

The BRR actively donates money each year towards injured rider's funds, high school scholarships, trail maintenance projects and the US Team's efforts at the ISDE.

The BRR consider themselves caretakers of public lands. Our stewardship is demonstrated by our "on the ground" work of clearing and maintaining trails on public lands. We have worked with and continue to work with other motorized groups, as well as non-motorized groups - i.e. horse, hikers and mountain bikers so that we can all share and enjoy public lands.


About the Idaho City 100

The 2022 Idaho City 100 is a 2-Day, AMA sanctioned Reliability Enduro (FIM rules). Riders can ride BOTH days or just Saturday only or just Sunday only. Scores are posted for each individual day. The Idaho City 100 is a national level event over difficult terrain.

The Idaho City 100 is not intended to be for beginning riders.

The Idaho City 100 is held under a special use permits from:

The Idaho City 100 is also held on private lands. Please consult the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) to determine if the trail or road is open to vehicle travel. MVUM maps for the Idaho City Ranger District will be available at sign-up. More information about trail riding opportunities in Idaho can also be found here.      Participants and spectators must stay on designated routes.

The Boise Ridge Riders partner with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to promote responsible use of public lands. The Boise Ridge Riders also promote the Stay on Trails Program.


The Idaho City 100 is held in the mountainous forests surrounding Idaho City, Idaho. Idaho City is located 39 miles NE of Boise, Idaho on state highway 21. It is about an hour drive from Boise off exit 57 on Interstate I-84 to Idaho City. Map of Idaho City

For more information about Idaho City and things to see and do in Idaho City see:

How do I enter the Idaho City 100?

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