Rider Classifications, Skill Levels and Time Schedules

There are a number of classes offered in the Idaho City 100. Deciding on the class you should enter can be confusing. Many riders enter the wrong class and both they and the Ridge Riders can end up suffering for their mistake. The most common mistake in deciding which class to enter is letting your ego get in the way of making a good decision. Try to keep the following in mind when choosing your class:

  • This is a national caliber event designed to test riders ability. It is not a beginners enduro....   It is not intended to be for beginner riders.

  • It is not unusual for more than half of the riders to DNF (Did Not Finish) because they don't make it to the checks on time.

  • When you get tired, you start to make mistakes. Mistakes lead to crashes. Crashes lead to injurys.

Time Schedules:

One of the most important parts of this event is adhering to your assigned Time Schedule. Time Schedules are structured such that the most skilled riders are given the least amount of time to complete the course while the least skilled riders are given most amount of time to complete the course. There are 3 time schedules in the Idaho City 100 which are directly related to the rider skill levels (below).

Your score will be based on completing the course in the time allotted. You will be penalized for going thru a check too soon and you will be penalized for going thru a check too late. The person with the least score (penalty points), wins.

Skill Levels

The Idaho City 100 uses 4 Skill Level identifiers. Each Skill Level is directly tied to one of the 3 Time Schedules. The Skill Levels are as follows:

  • AA - National Level Expert Riders

  • A - Local Expert Riders

  • B - Intermediate Level Riders

  • C - Short Course Riders

Combining Skill Levels and Time Schedules:

  • The AA and A Clases all run the same time schedule. All of these classes are considered for the overall winner trophy.

  • B Classes are given more time to complete the course than the AA and A classes. There is a B-Class Overall winner.

  • C Classes are given the most time to complete the course and they run a shorter version of the course as well.


Rider classes are based on a combination of the rider's skill level, their motorcycle's engine displacement, the age of the rider and the sex of the rider. The class you enter will determine the Time Schedule you must adhere to. Class names reflect all of the above. A complete list of classes for the Idaho City 100 can be found here.