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Fueling Policies and Procedures

The Boise Ridge Riders have instituted the following policies related to the transportation of gas and fueling of your motorcycle during the event. The policies are a part of the overall requirements of our ability to obtain permits and handling of hazardous materials on public lands. Any rider that does not adhere to these policies will be immediately disqualified.

For obvious reasons, there can be NO SMOKING at the Gas Checks.
Do you really want to have to pay millions of dollars the US Government will bill you to fight a forest fire? Don't be a Darwin Award Winner.


1. Have your motorcycle full of gas before you go to Tech Inspection. Upon passing Tech Inspection, your motorcycle will be taken from you by a member of the Boise Ridge Riders and Impounded. You will not get your motorcycle back until 10 minutes prior to your assigned start time.


2. Each morning that your ride, you will need to put one of your tagged gas cans on each gas trailer that goes to a Gas Check. The gas trailers will be located near Tech Inspection and Impound. Each trailer will be clearly marked as to which Gas Check it will go to. Gas cans must be placed on the Gas Trailers BEFORE YOU GO TO THE RIDER's MEETING at 8:30am each morning. The reason for this is that the time it takes for our crews to drive to the Gas Check, unload and then setup the fueling area can take several hours. Meanwhile the route the rider's take can be much shorter taking far less time. In other words, we need a head start.


3. At the end of each day you've ridden, you will need to find and remove all of the gas cans you've put on our Gas Trailers. Often times the Gas Check is in the "middle of no where" and it can take several hours to drive back to town. Our crews won't leave the Gas Check until it officially closes once the last rider goes thru. In other words, don't expect all of the Gas Trailers to be back to town until late as late as 6 or 7pm. Our crews will place a priority on dealing with lost and/or injured riders before heading back to town. So please be patient and plan accordingly. If you leave your gas can on our trailer overnight, you won't get it back - ever.


4. At the Gas Checks there will be a clearly marked fueling area with all of the gas cans in a separate, but close by, fuel containment area. All riders are required to turn their motorcycles off, push them into the fueling area, go find your gas can in the fuel containment area, take it to the fueling area, fill your motorcycle, return your gas can to the fuel containment area and then push your motorcycle out of the fueling area. We will have personnel at the Gas Checks monitoring and facilitating this process. We will have motorcycle stands in the fueling area for those of you who do not have kickstands on your motorcycle.


5. You must fuel your motorcycle on the absorbent environment matt in the fueling area, just like you would have to do at the ISDE. No exceptions. Wait your turn or be disqualified.


6. You are not required to use our Gas Trailers. Your support crew can haul your tagged gas can to the Gas Check - provided that the Gas Check is open and accessible to support crews. Your support crew, upon arrival at the Gas Check, must place your tagged gas can in the fuel containment area. You must fuel your motorcycle in the designated fueling area. At no time can your support crew place your gas can on the bare ground. If they do so, you, the rider, will be disqualified. The gas can must remain in the fuel containment area until your support crew leaves the Gas Check. Then and only then can they carry your gas can to their vehicle, place it directly into the vehicle and leave.

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