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Gas Cans and Fueling Policies

The Idaho City 100 is primarily held on public lands managed by the US Forest Service and the Idaho Department of Lands. Both agencies are very concerned about the containment of fuel used in our event. The US Forest Service has regulations regarding the transportation and containment of gasoline which is a hazardous material. The Boise Ridge Riders and the Idaho City Ranger District of the Boise National Forest have agreed upon a plan for the safe transport and fueling of motorcycles with gasoline during the Idaho City 100. If you wish to participate in our event you must adhere to this policy.


As part of Technical Inspection we will check all of your gas cans. We recommend that you bring 3 gas cans to Tech Inspection. You must have all of your gas cans inspected and tagged for them to be allowed on our gas trailers. We will verify that your gas cans meet our requirements and if so, we will tag all of your gas cans. You can mark your can in any manner you desire to ease locating it at the gas stop. After we've inspected your gas cans and tagged them, you may take it with you so you can place it on the proper gas trailer. Please do not leave your gas cans on our gas trailers overnight.


Any RED gas can clearly labeled GASOLINE is an approved gasoline container. The gas can must be in good condition, structurally sound, have all it's components and not be leaking. What we mean by good condition and structurally sound is that it has all of it's caps are securely on, in place and are in good working order. In other words, duct tape, corks, screws, etc. can not be used in place of lost caps.


Gas cans can be metal or plastic. They don't need to be "heavy industrial type" gas cans.

Frequently asked Questions about our Gas Can Policy:

  • Do I have to use one of those "No Spill" cans?   No.

  • Does it have to have a "Quick Stop"?   No.

  • Can I use a "Quick Fill" can?   Yes.

  • What if the tag comes off?   You must take it back to Tech Inspection and have it re-inspected and re-tagged.

Information on our Fueling Policies and Procedures cand be found here.

Approved Gas Cans


Containers below or others are not approved

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