Enter the Idaho City 100

2020 Idaho City 100 is cancelled

Entry Instructions:
To enter the Idaho City 100, click on the link (below) to be taken to the Moto-Tally website.

  • 2-Day riders             - select "Race 1". Follow the "2-Day Riders" instructions from there.

  • Saturday only riders - select "Race 1". Follow the "Saturday Only" instructions from there.

  • Sunday only riders   - select "Race 2". Follow the "Sunday Only" instructions from there.

If you are riding both days and you want to ride a different class each day, do the following: On May 1 enter for both days (Race 1) and enter the class your will ride on Saturday. This will enter you for both days and collect the correct entry fee. Then email the Prez and tell him what class you want to ride on Sunday and the change will be made. It is no longer necessary to enter each day separately.

You can pay for more than one entry with a single transaction. When you reach the payment page,
If you discover an error on your entry: Email the Boise Ridge Riders and explain the problem to us.

If you need to change your class: Email the Boise Ridge Riders and explain the change to us.

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