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Technical Inspection and Impound

Tech Inspection and Impound are both a mandatory part of riding in the Idaho City 100. Tech Inspection is located near Tom's Service Station by the Impound area. Tech Inspection opens 30 minutes after Signup opens and closes 30 minutes after signup closes. If you do not make it thru Tech Inspection during this time, you will be disqualified and there will be no refund. You must go thru Signup before coming to Tech Inspection. During the Tech Inspection process your motorcycle will be marked in several locations. Do not remove or modify these markings or you will be disqualified. You must bring your gas cans to Tech Inspection to be inspected and tagged. You will be given a Tech Inspection and Impound Check List at Signup. If you don't bring this to Tech Inspection, you won't be allowed to go thru Tech Inspection. If you don't have everything done on the Tech Inspection and Impound Check List, you won't pass Tech Inspection.

Upon passing Tech Inspection, one of the Ridge Riders will immediately take your motorcycle and place it in Impound. You will not get your motorcycle back until 10 minutes prior to your start time. In other words, don't go thru Tech Inspection until your motorcycle is fueled, prepped and ready to ride.

Tech Inspection - Rules and Requirements

  • All motorcycles must be clean in order to pass Technical Inspection. This is due to noxious weed seeds that might be in the dirt.    Don't forget to check under both fenders and the skidplate.

  • All motorcycles must have all 3 sets of your rider numbers that your received at Signup on the front and side panels of your motorcycle.

  • All motorcycles must pass sound test. State Law requires 98db @ 20 inches to pass.

  • All motorcycles must have an Off-Road (ORV) sticker on it. See below for more details.

  • All bikes must have a spark arrestor that meets USFS guidelines. For further guidance, click on the following link:

    • Each arrester (pipe) shall be permanently marked with the model number and the manufacturer's name or trademark. The identification must be stamped in the metal body or on an attached metal plate.

    • The words "Qualified" or "Approved" are not required.

    • All screens must have openings of 0.023-inch or less.

    • The exhaust system between the engine and the spark arrester is in good order.

Things that are not required at Tech Inspection:

  • Motorcycles do NOT have to be street legal. A license plate does NOT have to be on the motorcycle.

  • Lights are NOT required (head light nor tail light).

  • Motorcycle operator endorsements on your driver's license are NOT required.

  • A horn is NOT required.

  • Eco-Tires are NOT required for our event.

Off-Road Stickers

An Off-Road sticker IS REQUIRED!  You will have to buy an Idaho ORV sticker. A resident or non resident ORV sticker from Idaho is required.  To buy an Idaho ORV sticker you will have to have either the title or registration for the motorcycle. So come prepared. All motorcycle shops in Boise sell these stickers. See the Local Links for dealer locations.


Off-Road stickers are NOT sold at the event or anywhere in Idaho City. The closest town to Idaho City is Boise, an hour's drive, one way. If you need on Off-Road Sticker, we strongly suggest that you buy it BEFORE you get to Idaho City.

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