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Youth Race - Saturday, June 4th

Please use "buy now" button above to register for the youth race. 

Please select the correct class for your racer. 


Please add the racer name, bike number and t-shirt size in the "add special instructions" box. 


Youth race on June 4, 2022.  Race location will be in New Centerville at/around Grass Track area of the enduro after big bikes are done.  Map and GPS coming soon.

Registration / tech inspection - June 4, 1:30 -2:30 at race site    OHV sticker and spark arrestor required

Sign up information - There will be online sign up, but NOT through Moto-Tally.  We will update site as to how to enter before May 1.

Sign up fee - All Pee Wee 50cc - $25 ; All other youth classes - $30

Youth Pre Entry -   Opens May 1st.  Pre-entry ONLY.  Must sign up online.

Mandatory riders meeting - Just before each race starts

Race 1    - Time 3:00pm : 50cc , 50cc Jr, Electric - 30 minutes

Race 2    - Time: 4:00pm: 65cc, 65cc Jr, Girls, Girls Jr  - 45 minutes

Race 3 - Time: 5:00pm: 85cc, 85cc Jr, Big Wheel

All races will be a mass start. 

Awards will be presented after the races at the race site.

There is limited parking at race site.  We encourage carpool to race site.


Bring your AMA Card or print a copy from the AMA website. If you forget your card, you will have to buy a new one at the race! 

Idaho or non-resident ohv sticker is required.  All motorcycles subject to 96db sound test and must have spark arrestor.

Minors must have both parents at registration to sign the Minor Release form. Save time at every race by completing an Annual Minor Release and having it notarized by both parents! For more information click here

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