Idaho City 100 FAQ’s

General Questions:

What are the GPS coordinates for Idaho City?  According to: it is: N 43.828513 W 115.832175

How long is the long course?  Approximately 100 miles

How long is the short course?  About 50-60 miles

Where is the start/finish/camping?  Right next to Tom’s Service on Highway 21 in the heart of Idaho City.  It is the only gas station.  You can’t miss it.

Where is sign-up?  At the community center.  Signs will be posted.

When is sign-up open?  Friday, June 3, 2016, 3– 8pm.  Saturday June 4, 2016, 6pm – 8pm.

What do I bring to sign-up?  Your helmet and $20 refundable transponder deposit.

When is tech inspection/impound open?  Approximately 30 minutes after sign-up opens.

I ride Sunday.  Can I sign-up on Friday?  NO!  Sorry, but the scoring is just not set up to handle Sunday only riders on Friday.  



When does entry open?  Entry opens April 1, 2016, at 8pm MDT for 2-day entrants ONLY.  Entry opens April 8, 2016, for Saturday only and Sunday only riders.  See our website for more details.  Entry closes when 300 limit reached.

Can I mail in my entry?  No, you must pre-enter online from our website.  Don’t have the internet?  Well you are reading this, so have your buddy enter for you.  Even better have your buddy enter for you with his money.

Do I have to pay online?  No, you can mail us a check.  We prefer you pay online.  If you mail a check your entry is not confirmed until the check is received and processed.

How much is entry fee?  See entry page on website.

How many riders per day?  300 rider per day maximum.  Entry will close when day is full.

I am LOI rider and Saturday is full.  Can I still enter?  Yes, all LOI riders will be allowed to enter.  When Saturday is full and Saturday only/Both days entry closes LOI riders can send email to and receive a pass code that will allow them to enter for both days.

Can I post enter event at sign-up?  LOI riders can enter at signup, but we would prefer you pre-enter for row assignments.  Even if you just let us know you are coming at the last minute this would be helpful.  Our event is pre-entry only, however, if slots are available post entries will be accepted with an additional fee.  NOTE: Saturday historically fills up quickly.  It is unlikely Saturday post entries will be available.  Sunday usually has post entry slots available.  

Can I get a refund? There are NO refunds.  If you cannot come or get injured it is best to sell your entry.  We usually have people looking for entries in May.  We are going to try to set up a page on our website this year to sell/buy entries.  Email if you have questions.

Can I sell my entry?  No.  For 2016 entries are not transferrable.

How do I fix entry mistake?  Generally email and explain what needs to be done.  Not all things need to be fixed prior to sign-up like address, phone, etc.  If you entered wrong SKILL LEVEL(A, B, C) or LOI class please let us know as this affects numbers/rows assignments.

What class should I enter?  LOI is for riders trying to qualify for the ISDE team.  AA is for national level riders not trying to qualify.  A is equivalent to expert.  B is equivalent to amateur and C is novice.  You can enter non-LOI classes by bike size or age group.

How do I change my class?  Unless you are changing skill level (A, B, C) you can change class a sign-up.  If you want to change skill level or if an LOI rider wants to change class please email as this change affects your starting row.

Can I ride a different class each day?  Yes, what you want to do is enter for both days to get the $180 entry fee.  Enter just one class for both days.  Then send an email to and let us know what class you want to ride in on what day.  We will update the database for those classes.  If you want to ride with one group of buddies on one day and another the second day then sign up under each group on the ride with buddy page after you enter.

Can I ride a different bike?  Unless you are an LOI rider and the new bike changes your class then there is no reason to let us know you will be riding a different bike than you entered.  We will make that change at sign-up.

My address has changed?  We will update at sign-up.

Do I need an AMA card?  Absolutely!!  This is an AMA National.  You MUST have an AMA card.  Do not leave home without it!

Can I join AMA at event?  Yes, we will have AMA memberships available for sale at sign-up.  If you forgot your card you will have to buy a new one. 

How are row assignments drawn?  We run three riders per row.  LOI start by class (E1 then E2, etc.)  Start row within class is based on entry time.  After the LOI we go by skill level.  All the AA, then A, then B, then C.  Rows within these skill levels are based on time of entry.  NOTE:  If you want to ride with your buddy you need to enter at about the same time.  See website for details..

Can I ride with my buddies?  Absolutely, with one catch.  You need to all enter at the same time.  One guy can do the entry for all of you.  The catch is all the riders who want to ride together MUST be at the same skill level or in the case of LOI in the same class.  So four A riders- good.  Four B riders- good.  Three A riders and one B rider- not good.

How many riders can be on a buddy team?  You can sign up as many riders on a team to ride together as you want.  We start three riders per row, so we will break up the group into rows of three; or two and two; or three, two, two etc. depending on the number in group.  Want them in a certain order?  Use the comment field when entering and let us know how you want yourselves distributed.  Again, remember only three riders per row.

Why do I bring my helmet to sign-up?  We use transponder scoring.  We prefer to attach the transponder to your helmet.  This way we know it is set up to work.  You do want to get scored don’t you?  

Do you have a mini class?  We do not have a mini class and no mini course.  Our event is not a beginner enduro.  We have a “team” class designed for an adult rider and a mini rider.  It is a short course class.  As a general rule we like minors under the age of 16 to ride on the same minute with an adult supervisor.  This does not have to be a parent, but should be someone who will ride with and watch over the younger rider.  There is no set minimum age.  Call us if unsure.


Does my bike have to be street legal?  No

Do I need lights on bike?  No

My state does not have off-road sticker.  What do I do?  An off road sticker, or official off road validation from any state IS REQUIRED!! If your state does not require you have an off-road sticker or license you may have to buy an Idaho sticker which requires either the title or registration for the bike, so come prepared. All motorcycle shops in Boise sell these stickers. See the “Local Links” page on our site for some locations.

What do you check at tech inspection?  We check sound, spark arrestor, off-road sticker.  For LOI riders we mark the required parts.

Do I need Eco tires?  No.

What is the sound limit?  96db @ 20” (Idaho law)

Why does my bike need to be clean at tech inspection?  A requirement of our special use permits is the bike be clean of noxious weeds.  Just make sure your bike is clean when you go through tech inspection.  If you get it dirty jetting it then a bucket, water, and a sponge will be in order. Clean means under the fenders as well.  This is the place people miss most often.

Where can I find the rules?  We have a rule summary on our website.  For exact AMA rules go to the AMA website.

Can I file a Letter of Intent at event?  Yes, Gunny should be here and will accept your letter at sign-up.

Will AMA rep be at event?  We are expecting him to be here. 




Why must my gas can be approved?  Forest regulations require fuel to be in a RED approved container.  Our permit mandates any fuel we transport be in approved containers.  See information on our website about the fuel requirements.

What is an “approved” gas can?  Approved gas cans are plastic or metal. In all cases they are red and say “Gasoline” on them.  Those other color jugs you love are not approved gas containers.

Why must I have my gas can inspected?  We must insure the fuel containers we transport are safe and in compliance with our permit.  Inspection at tech gives you and us time rather than Saturday morning.  Just bring an approve can in good condition.  It should be fine, but we have to check.

My gas can won’t pass.  Will there be cans available?  We have been told there may be a vendor with fuel cans for sale.  However, if you bring an approved can in good condition it should not be a problem…..

How many gas cans do I need to bring?  There are two gas locations for long course riders and short course.  One gas location will contain three gas stops at the same place.  Depending on how much fuel you use you may only need one can for the triple, but we will have an e-gas at another location each day if you cannot make 40+ miles to the triple. 

Can my crew go to gas stop?  Yes, the triple gas for sure will be an open gas.  The e-gas will be closed.

How far between gas stops?  No more than 35 miles.  Wouldn’t want you motocrossers to run dry…..


What is the altitude?  4,000 to 7,000

Are there many rocks?  We would not call the terrain rocky, but there are rocks.

What kind of tire should I use?  The area is mostly decomposed granite which when dry is very, very slick.  Depends on trail conditions, but a softer tire will usually work better.

Is there a jetting area?  Yes, there will be a jetting trail out the back of the start finish area starting Thursday.  DANGER!!!  TWO WAY TRAFFICE!!  Be CAREFUL!!!

What will the trail conditions be like?  If it rains-great.  If it don’t, well depends on how hot this spring is.  Could be dusty.

Can we come back and ride course after event?  Much of the course is on public land that is open to recreation.  The start/finish area is private property and not open after the event, so do not park here!  You should get a MVUM map from Forest Service to make sure you are riding on open trails.  Most of the trails have been signed in the Idaho City area.  Our course uses only approved open trails.  Some trails this year are on private property and are not open after the event.  So, yes you are welcome to come back and ride on open public trails.

Where can I get trail maps?  MVUM map for USFS and IDL land should be available at sign-up.



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