Rules and Requirements

American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Racing Rules and the FIM Reliability Rules are in effect for this event. The AMA also has information about the ISDE that can be found here and here. The FIM has more information here.

Registration, Tech Inspection and Impound:

Upon your arrival in Idaho City, you will need to complete your entry by going thru registration. Specifics rules and requirements about registration can be found here. Your next step will be to then take your motorcycle to Technical Inspection. Specific rules and requirements relating to Technical Inspection and Impound can be found here.

General Rules and Requirements:

  • Anyone and everyone involved with the event must sign the AMA Liability Release Form.

  • Riders under the age of 18 must have a release signed by a parent or their legal guardian. If signed by legal guardian, you must have a notarized proof of guardianship for us to make a copy of.

  • Current, valid, AMA Cards are required.

  • Off-Road (ORV) Stickers are required. Note: See Tech Inspection rules for alternatives.

  • All participants, be they riders, spectators, mechanics, etc. must follow all local laws. Speed Limits are enforced on all roads (paved or gravel).

  • The rider is responsible for any and all people attending the event with them. If any of these people are irresponsible, we will disqualify the rider.

  • If anyone affiliated with a rider is caught speeding on any paved or gravel road during the event, the rider will be disqualified. We hire the Boise County and Idaho City police to monitor speed limits.

There will be a mandatory Riders Meeting at the Start/Finish area at 8:30am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings for all riders.
We encourage all spectators to attend as well.

Information and rules concerning Technical Inspection and Impound can be found here.

Information and rules concerning Gas Cans and Fueling can be found here.